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hightower (2)

I've already been here once before, 7 months ago. By then there was only a skeleton. This time we're on the other side of the tower though. Today people actually live in it.
Förra gången hoppades jag att det skulle bli bostäder och jag fick visst rätt
andra om stockholm torn bostad

Svea torn (map) 21 Feb 2008


Anonymous said...

Cool! Big difference from when you last saw it. It's good that people are living in it now. The building is now alive. ;-)


J.C. said...

Isn't this the new apartment next to the A1 that you featured in another post? It really look different at nite.

Per Stromsjo said...

It is the same building, J.C. - from a different angle of course but it does look different at night.

If you click on the links you'll find more photos of this tower and we'll have a couple more daytime shots in the weeks to come.

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