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grab a beer and come over

In this case it's quite a large beer, I'd say. The alcohol strength is not that high but since the can is big you might get drunk anyway. So where can I get me one of those, you wonder? First you will have go to the fairly new City Gross in Ulvsunda, then you need to climb the brick wall. In case you should succeed with the first two, you will have at least two more problems to overcome. How are you gonna get it down, and how will you get it home?

En stor stark har man ju hört någon gång. Nu är inte detta en stark men definitivt stor.

Ulvsunda industriområde (map) 24 Feb 2008


Deslilas said...

Drink Swedish !
Somme years ago it was very popular to ask people to "acheter français" or put a Finnish flag on every product, nowadays nobody dares to do so.

gizelle said...

lol. alcohol won't bring anything good.

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