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close encounter on stureplan

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"...well officer, like I said... I was waiting for a friend of mine on that plaza and there was a gigantic, round something from above like a... uhm... bronto mushroom... yeah mushroom and then there was like a big light and then I just [click]... hello, officer? are you still there?"
Här har många väntat på Moderskeppet
andra om stockholm stureplan brats

Stureplan (map) 23 Feb 2008


Tinsie said...

Hahahahahahaha! That's a clever picture of Stureplan :-)

Helena/Bildbloggerian said...

Ja, Svampen skulle onekligen kunna misstas för ett flygande tefat på bilden :)

Deslilas said...

Very fine and smart !

Bernt Seipl said...

Nice interpretation and narrative, Per.

Per Stromsjo said...

I had fun writing it as well, Bernt... ;)

Helena: Ibland drar fantasin iväg och tur är väl det!

Thanks all for stopping by!

Fredrik said...

I agree with bernt. Brilliant!

J.C. said...

Is it the Mushroom - meeting point for people? My colleagues and I used to meet up there when we have plans to go out for dinner after work.

Your blog bring back lotsa nice memory of Stockholm. I was there working for a few weeks and I truly enjoy reading your blog.

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