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water castle

I think this may be one of the classiest water tanks I have ever seen. It's more like a water castle. The beauty is positioned on top of a fairly small hill in Vanadislunden (Vanadis grove).
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Vanadislundens vattenreservoir (map) 2 January 2008


Per Stromsjo said...

Dear readers, please notice the frosty ground. Mind you, there hasn't been much snow this winter but we do provide an odd glimpse of the white stuff now and then.

Pia K said...

Imagine that, I've never noticed this *tank*, it's lovely!

~tanty~ said...

First saw the photo I thought it was a little castle, until I read your text :)
Yes, it's classy.

Anonymous said...

That is special. I never saw one like this before. Nice photo of it too.

Alexander said...

Yes it is really a very beautiful water tank. Is it true that it is a water tank? It can't be.

Alex's World! -

Deslilas said...

That's a true castle and the finest I've never seen.

Peter Fristedt said...

As Sanctus Belle commented light rail to Sickla Udde: "I've always rejected the idea that a public building or utility must be only functional and therefore ugly. This is proof that what is useful can also be nice looking!" How true. Thanks all for sharing this spectacular water tank.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is classy! Very Nice pic.


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