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the wall

Everybody's building walls these days and of course we need one in Stockholm as well, like here at the guest scientist apartments at Wenner-Gren Center.

"Mother, did it need to be so high?"


Wenner-Gren Center (map) 2 January 2008


Sanctus Belle said...

So why are they building this wall?

Peter Fristedt said...

Yes, I thought the question would come ... I think they are doing some large scale tests for a car tunnel through parts of the city. On the right side they are digging and drilling. But why they have to have a wall really ... I don't know.

Chuck Pefley said...

very curious. Will you research this and let us know what the purpose might be?

re: your "prefer a passenger" comment, I would prefer this as well, though seizing the moment is what it's really all about. And I should point out that most of the photos i made while driving were made either while stopped in traffic, or just starting to move. I do try to be careful. -:)

Z said...

Wouldn't want those nutty scientists to run amok amongst the unsuspecting citizens, would we? :-)

Peter Fristedt said...

Z: Of-course! You're right! :o)

Chuck and Sanctus: I was wrong, this is not 'large scale tests', it's the real thing! They are building an underground through road just a few meters away from the building. The wall is to make the living a bit easier for the tenants while the construction is ongoing. They will take down the wall when they are finished.

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