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The University of Life does not award its scholarships fairly. Some are given the best of circumstances, yet others will have to make do with bits and pieces. Yours truly has seldom missed an opportunity to grumble about the levels of taxation in Sweden. But the fact that higher education is available to anyone is something to appreciate. To be proud of.

Studying at the Stockholm University changes perspectives for tens of thousands of students every year and brings insight into stuff they didn't dream of, things not remotely connected to what they were really here to learn in Frescati.
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"...Universitetet presenteras i samarbete med landets skattebetalare..."
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Universitetet (map) 27 Jan 2008


Fredrik said...

Lovely blue sky again. Nice! I'm sorry that I had to delete your comment on my latest post. I have some trouble with the dates, so I had to make a new post in order to get it on the right day.

Deslilas said...

You may be proud of your Swedish model.
As we are ashamed of the French image nowadays.

Per Stromsjo said...

We're just in it for the skies - let's admit that, Fredrik! ;)

Deslilas: I wouldn't say the Swedish model (whatever that means in 2008) is perfect but I suppose I'm getting a more balanced view these days.

Thanks for commenting.

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