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This oversized boat lies stranded in Hallunda, one of the suburbs of Stockholm. Wait a minute... that's no boat - it's a church! Who would have known? It's called "Church of the light", inaugurated in Dec 2004. This has to be one of the strangest churches I've come across so far. Someday I might be curious enough to try to sneak into it. Time will tell.
Ljusets Kyrka i Hallunda har en rätt särpräglad form. Kanske är det Noaks ark?

Church of the light (map) 30 Dec 2007


Deslilas said...

It looks like a bishop's tiara.
I shall wait for the inside light.

Anonymous said...

Bishop tiara sounds good to me.

Sanctus Belle said...

Is that a Lutheran church? Doesn't look like one...would make a nice fast food seafood place!

lena said...

Nice to see a picture from Botkyrka just south of Stockholm where I live.
You can call this church protestantic and ecumenical (oikumenikos). People going to Ljusets kyrka belong to different churches from penticostal to the common Swedish church.
When I studied religion I learned that ecumenical means "sitting in the same boat". Perhaps this is an idea to this church?
Many immigrants live in Hallunda.
When I was a teacher there 30 years ago I remember arabic-speaking men, they where inside the Underground and tryed to read the sign HALLUNDA. But they read from the the right to the left so it was very funny for me to listen to ADNULLAH...

Anonymous said...

LOL! So, cool! Do you know what denomination it is? How different to be able to walk into a house of worship like that every week.


Per Stromsjo said...

Good to have a shot from Suburbia once in a while, we need more of that.

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