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light rail to Sickla Udde

(No, it's not subway day quite yet.)

Our light rail system Tvärbanan has become a huge success. Initial skepticism from politicians in various parties has been replaced with an eagerness to have the network extended into the suburbs. Here's a rail car at Gullmarsplan ready to continue the short remaining distance to it's destination Sickla Udde. Bernt has been here too.
Steg för steg mot en fullskalig come-back för spårvagnarna, drygt 40 år efter att rälsen revs upp i sta'n
andra om stockholm tvärbanan gullmarsplan

Gullmarsplan (map) 20 Jan 2008


Pat said...

It looks bright and cheery a place! Thanks for sharing.


Guelph Daily Photo, My Photos.

Fredrik Ekblad said...

Looks like you are standing on the rail taking this picture. Madness!!!

Per Stromsjo said...

A bit of zoom comes in handy now and then so don't worry Fredrik, the photo was properly taken on the right side of the fence... :)

Pat: I agree about the artwork brightening this spot and it's clever to put it in the "ceiling", away from any would-be vandal.

Thanks for clicking by.

Sanctus Belle said...

I've always rejected the idea that a public building or utility must be only functional and therefore ugly. This is proof that what is useful can also be nice looking!

Anonymous said...

Glad to read that it's a success!


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