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Sweden's cultural history is on display seven days a week by Djurgårdsvägen. The island of Djurgården is jam-packed with attractions and Nordiska museet ("the Nordic Museum") is the very first you encounter after passing the Djurgården Bridge. You won't miss it, it's not exactly smallish. Here is a misty view by Stefan.
Utställningen Masker öppnar 21 feb, läs mer här
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Nordiska museet (map) 13 Jan 2008


Pia K said...

One of my favourite buildings in Stockholm, it's all gothic and gorgeous.

lena said...

Do you know which building Kaffe Fassett chose when he had his first exhibition in Stockholm? This was the house!
I was there and saw him.

Pia K said...

Good choice! I missed the exhibition there, but saw the one at Waldemarsudde - as we've "talked" about before:)

Musn't forget that the annual Chocolate Festival is held at this museum too...:)

And btw, congrats to the 900th pixel pic!

Peter Fristedt said...

Hurra hurra hurra, Pixels fyller 900 idag!

Alexander said...

Beautiful building. That is a great shot!

Alex's World! -

Per Stromsjo said...

I had no idea about this London-based textile artist so thanks to Lena and Pia for bringing me a bit up-to-date. He does in fact include Sweden among recent exhibitions at his web site. And that chocolate festival sounds tempting... ;)

Peter: Hurra för oss!

Alexander: It's certainly majestic and the sun helped a bit, too.

Thanks all for stopping by.

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