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Socialhögskolan (Stockholm University Department of Social Work) is a fine example of early functionalism where buildings were designed based on light and purpose rather than concentrating on ornamentation which used to be the case. It was built in 1936 and architects were Ahrbom and Zimdahl. I find the stairs especially interesting.

Bellevue/Cederdalsgatan (map) 2 January 2008


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Functional architecture is very important.


Deslilas said...

Functional can be also beautiful.

Kakinan said...

Yes yes the stairs is interesting.
The people who used it must not be afraid of heights.

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Fredrik said...

Can it get more boring? Not the picture, but the building. It just breathes melancholy. Personally I can't stand functionalism. Jugend is my melody.

Per Stromsjo said...

I could use some "architecture for dummies", I know zip about the subject. This is an excellent example of the things we can learn through photo blogs. A good initiative, Peter!

Peter Fristedt said...

How interesting, Fredrik! Jugend can be beautiful as well, but I'm more to functionalism. How is the jugend scene in Ystad?

I will go back and take some more photos of this place in the spring when the light is right and the grass is green.

Thanks all for commenting!

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