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Yes, I'm down crawling on the ground again. And if someone thinks I'm cheating, watch this picture taken by fellow stroller Peter. That's me - taking this one. Take in consideration that it's January and approximately 3 below zero (OK, no snow, I'll give you that). So where are we? In the Old Town of course and if you go up the street you will get to Stortorget. The street is called "Kåkbrinken" (facing the second of the pictures in the article) and we're at the intersection with Västerlånggatan, where most tourists in Stockholm probably have been strolling.
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Man får lida lite för konsten ibland. Som tur var så var det torrt och fint att ligga på gatan och plåta. Folk som gick förbi undrade dock lite grann, berättade kamraterna. Jag har tydligen roat en och annan och det är ju trevligt om man kan göra det med så små medel.

Kåkbrinken (map) 23 Jan 2008


Peter Fristedt said...

It turned out very well Bernt!

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

I love it. It seems come out from Kafka book

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