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winter waters

photo: Kenneth Blake
A view of a wintry Skeppsholmen as seen from Strandvägen. Skeppsholmen used to be a strategic naval base at the entrance to Stockholm. Nowadays it's filled with peaceful museums. The yearly Stockholm Jazz Festival is also held here.

Strandvägen (map) 27 Jan 2006


Per Stromsjo said...

Gorgeous sky. Those pastel nuances have me addicted. And the further north you travel the more of them you'll find at this time of year.

BgDailyPic said...

Beautiful colors.

zentmrs said...

Lovely shot - the colors are just wonderful!

Pia K said...

Um, can't find a superlative that hasn't already been used above, so I stick to saying I completely agree!

Ming the Merciless said...

Beautiful winter scene.

Bernt Seipl said...

Another sky like Peters the other day. Where am I when those are served....?

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