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(not your average) housing bubble

Making ends meet in January is particularly difficult for many people and the cost of living seems to increase all the time. This house was abandoned decades ago as the family moved out of town to a cottage on Ekerö and no new inhabitant has moved in. Notice the guard. He isn't being bothered by many tourists in January but it's a cold night at work. This is of course the royal castle and I'm sure the family moved for other reasons than financial ones.
andra om stockholm bostad monarki

Slottet (map) 23 Jan 2008


Alexander said...

Interesting relationship between your article and photo.

Alex's World! -

Pia K said...

Lovely pic.

It's a shame with this mostly empty house size extralarge-and-then-some...

Fredrik Ekblad said...

I like this, it brings back memories. I've actaully guarded the castle one cold january week back in 1994. I was in the squad team and patrolled the area during nights. I was also given the task to haul down the flag every evening. I remember that the view from the roof was spectacular.
Thanks, Per!

Per Stromsjo said...

Mostly empty, a shame really, I agree with you Pia on this one. Good to hear about your memories, Fredrik. Had no idea you have been freezing out there in January as well. Thanks all for stopping by!

Suz said...

charming post!

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