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mid-month theme: subway day

It's not only the commuters that have to wait for the train; the driver has to wait for the passengers to embark the train before he can close the doors. "Look out for the doors, the doors will be closed" or as they usually say in Swedish "se upp for dårarna". This is the blue line between Kungsträdgården and Hjulsta. Picture from Rådhuset subway station.

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Rådhuset Station (map) 5 Dec 2007


Ming the Merciless said...

Love the blurry people on the platform. Awesome photo.

Peter Fristedt said...

"Se upp för dårarna" - fyndigt Stefan!

April said...

Wonderful blue metro trains you've got. It's very long ago that we visited Stockholm; one of the sights were new-built metro-lines (my husband is a fan) ;-)

Peter said...

I think we have a difference with the Paris metro here! The driver would not open his door. He could see on a TV screen if everybody is in, but he would not care too much and close anyhow. I guess this is one of the purposes with this common theme; too see what is possibly the same or what is different!

lena said...

"Dårarna" means "the idiots" in Swedish and "dörrarna" means "the doors".
This is something to talk about in my lessons in Swedish, I teach immigrant-teenagers.
It is not easy to listen to all these Swedish wowels and understand what you hear.
Tomorrow I will think "idiots" when I hear this sentence!

Pat said...

Lovely to see these subway photos. Our city doesn't have one.


Guelph Daily Photo, Pat's Photo-a-Day

b.c. said...

like the blurred figures and the long perspective, nice!

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