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let's dance

The shortage of daylight calls for an extra dance (and some flash) by Sveavägen. This is the sculpture Dancing Youths by Ingvar Johnsson. The Observatory Grove (Observatorielunden) in the background. See more?
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Den principiella frågan är väl om Observatorielunden rockar fett
andra om stockholm dans skulptur

Sveavägen (map) 25 Dec 2007


Alexander said...

yes dancing can surely brighten up the day. enjoy!

Alex's World! -

lena said...

Perhaps this is what we need this season. A never-ending dance...
Very living photo, most beautiful!

Deslilas said...

Dancers in the dark Stockholm.

Fredrik Ekblad said...

Inspired by the TV-show Let's dance? Hope not! ;) Great angle, but I don't like flash light, straight ahead. I ususally tries to crank up the iso instead or bounce the flash.

Per Stromsjo said...

Don't worry Fredrik, never saw the show so I suppose the inspiration came from elsewhere... ;)

The alternatives are sort of limited with the minimalistic equipment I'm carrying around but I do agree about the effect of straight flash light. In fact, I'm no friend of flash at all whenever I find a way to avoid it.

Thanks all for stopping by! I wish we could bring you some snow one of these days.

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