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This is a part of Värtahamnen/Frihamnen as it looks on a misty evening in December. The pic is taken from Kaknästornet. The "dotted line" is the bridge to Lidingö. You can also (barely) see the chimney of one of the ferries to Tallinn. I do believe that the big building in front is housing the Stockholm stock market nowadays.

En dimmig kvällsbild över Värtahamnen/Frihamnen från Kaknästornet

Frihamnen (map) 1 Dec 2007


Peter Fristedt said...

Lovely Bernt! I don't know if the whole building houses the OMX, but they have their entrance on the left side anyway. OMX, as we know, is being taken over by Borse Dubai and Nasdaq.

Alexander said...

Nice! That is a good, quick aerial view introduction to Stockholm.

Alex's World! -

Anonymous said...

Nice nighttime photo.


Deslilas said...

If my memory is not wrong I went once to the top of this tower when I was a trainee in Asea Graham which had made the lift many years ago.
The view was very fine.

Ming the Merciless said...

I also see a cruise ship docked at the port. Nice aerial view.

Bernt Seipl said...

Ming: if you're referring to the ship in front, that is the ferry. The one in the back, I'm not really sure about.

And thanks to the rest of you who commented. I was kinda hoping for a clear sky that evening, but it wasn't.

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