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Gustaf Vasa Church

Gustav I was King of Sweden 1523-1560. Nowadays he's known as Gustav (sometimes spelled Gustaf) Vasa. This church by Odenplan bears his name. With legends like Otto Olsson the Gustaf Vasa Church by architect Agi Lindegren has been a centre for organ music. Here's the full view of Odenplan plaza by the church.
andra om stockholm kyrka odenplan

Odenplan (map) 25 Dec 2007


lena said...

A wonderful place to stay inside, too. A beautiful church and photo.

Per Stromsjo said...

We'll see more of Gustaf Vasa in the coming weeks. Thanks Lena.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful looking church. I'd love to visit it and see the interior. I like to go into churches. Architecture can be amazing and inside, peaceful.


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