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Gustaf Vasa Church (3)

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King Gustaf Vasa is not the only monarch who has given name to a church and in his case it's most appropriate. He couldn't agree with Rome on a number of bishop's seats to be filled. Finally he appointed his own candidate for archbishop in spite of papal resistance and, in hindsight, thereby introduced protestantism in Sweden.
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andra om stockholm kyrka odenplan

Odenplan (map) 25 Dec 2007


Meg in Nelson said...

I can't bet over this. I would have thought Stockholm would be under 20 ft of snow in January. Or is it too cold to snow?

Alexander said...

Lovely night shots!
A good place to go for a stroll (if it is not too cold). :P

Alex's World! -

Deslilas said...

Nice pic.
We have heard recently that one son of Gustaf, Eric 14 had left some bastards in Finland in Ostrobotnia. Some of my relatives could count him as an ancestor.

Per Stromsjo said...

Too cold to snow? That's a good one, Meg! ;) Nope, not an iota of snow at the moment. We've had a couple of brief encounters with the fluffy stuff this winter. I still think we'll have regular snowy winter weather for at least a few weeks but the clock is ticking and it'd better begin soon. I wonder about those selling skis and wintry equipment. Have they given up by now? Probably.

Thanks Alexander. This town is perfect for strolling but you'd better be properly equipped. With or without snow it's not exactly warm these days.

Deslilas, I never heard about that historical twist. The things we learn by snapping photos...

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