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a day in the sun

Today, at long last, the sun decided to grant us a bit of attention again. December and January are pretty dark months any year but this time they have been particularly gloomy. So far. This is the garden by the Vasa Museum. Looks like it'll need quite a lot of sunshine before anything will grow there again.
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Påminner om mina krukväxter, faktiskt
andra om stockholm djurgården trädgård

Vasamuseet (map) 13 Jan 2008


Susan said...

Only in winter can you see the skeleton of this arbor!
Here, we also had a bit of sunshine for a nice change.

Helena/Bildbloggerian said...

Just det, jag ser att du också var på Djurgården igår :) Vi var inte direkt unika som valde detta som utflyktsmål denna ovant soliga dag, det var ju som ett lämmeltåg som gick Strandvägen fram ut mot den kungliga Djurgården...

Per Stromsjo said...

The pale January sun isn't much to brag about but it's sure enough to catch our attention. Thanks for commenting.

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