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blue sky?

Usually that means something else. In this case it's the bridge above (Malmskillnadsgatan) that got a nice Christmas decoration. The pic is taken on Hamngatan, close to Sergels Torg.
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Trevligt med all extra belysning i december, som här - ett långt nät av blå lampor
Hamngatan (map) 3 Dec 2007


Fredrik Ekblad said...

Lovely decoration. Makes me think of the song Blue Christmas by Elvis.

Z said...

Looks like it took some effort, and it is quite pretty.

BTW, how's the mood of Stockholm these days? :-) I just saw an item on the Hötorgsskraporna...

Pia K said...
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Pia K said...

I noticed this for the first time this morning, just because I saw it here first:) I'm no fan of Xmas lighting if it isn't the white, classical kind, but this was very appealing.

Bernt Seipl said...

Z: When I saw them the day before yesterday, they were kinda greenish.

Pia K: Glad I could point them out to you :-)

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