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Night falls by Ringvägen. This is the festive front of Clarion Hotel. The nonexistent back yard is slightly less festive.
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Ringvägen 98 (map) 20 Jan 2008


Bernt Seipl said...

Looks like you've chosen the same spot where I tried from, quite a while ago (with my Minolta). I didn't manage to get it good enough so I thought I'd come back. Yeah, right.....maybe I will though, it does look good in the dark.

MickeZ said...

You should go into the hotel to the bar on 2nd floor. A nice view from there

photoimagine said...

Just det ja. Vid Skanstull.
Har också traskat runt där med kameran in the dark.

Trevlig helg!

Fredrik Ekblad said...

There's always a flipside to a coin!

Per Stromsjo said...

Bring your tripod and go get this one Bernt, it deserves a good shot. I had a hard time finding the right spot.

MickeZ: Thanks for that idea. Always good to know one can visit a bar and claim to be on an entirely cultural assignment! ;)

Photoimagine: Trevlig avslutning på helgen, själv!

Fredrik: An appropriate observation in this case! :)

Thanks all for commenting.

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