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a very merry ... (2)

Most of us would have preferred something like this but no amount of playing Bing Crosby helped. Here's a view from Odenplan this afternoon. A mild, hazy Christmas Day in Stockholm.
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. tänk så många lårbensbrott vi undviker
andra om stockholm jul tristess

Odenplan (map) 25 Dec 2007


Annie said...

Merry Christmas from American Fork, Utah!

Alexander said...

Merry Christmas!

Alex's World! -

Ming the Merciless said...

We didn't get any snow this year either. But it has been nice and cold.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Deslilas said...

Black Xmas could be fine when we are in good company.
God Jul !

Per Stromsjo said...

You're right Deslilas, our fellows are a lot more important than the weather which we all complain about anyhow.

Thanks all for comments or greetings.

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