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shop until you drop

Rushing to and from various stores carrying bags and parcels is an important part of the Christmas pleasures for many people. This was shot outside the PUB department store but - except for the familiar buildings in the background: the Concert Hall, the movie complex Filmstaden and the Hötorget skyscrapers (here dressed in red) - it could have been almost anywhere these days.
Jag vill ha rymligare säck, segare knäck,
fetare fläsk från grisen,
krimsigare krams, längre långdans
och raskare räv på isen
(Text: Anders Falk
andra om stockholm hötorget jul

Hötorget (map) 19 Dec 2007


Peter Fristedt said...

In the Swedish section of your text you have the lyrics of a popular Christmas (pop) song. I like "Det är inte snön som faller" (It's not the snow that is falling) by Anders F Rönnblom better. Watch and listen at YouTube!

photoimagine said...

Hej där!

Tittar in och önskar dig en riktigt God Jul.
Tack för dina kommentarer.


April said...

On the radio they interviewed people (yesterday). One man had 5 bags in each hand :-(
I wish you peaceful and cosy Christmas days.

Ming the Merciless said...

Love the red color and the moving shadows in the photo. Excellently done.

Per Stromsjo said...

Ming, I think we both love to mix moving objects with fixed ones. It was a crazy night with lots of voluntary objects ready to rush by your camera anywhere.

April, I kind of skipped the entire event as far as shopping was concerned. No regrets!

Photoimagine, tack själv för vasst bildarbete och alltid vänligt bemötande.

Peter, I think the video is slightly better than the song. Certainly changes perspectives for a while! ;)

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