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A centaur, a crossing between horse and man. Suddenly I saw him. Right there on top of the hill. Amazing. If the light hadn't been right on him, I'd missed him on my way home from a night with collegues, playing boule. Where I found him? I'm not sure I should tell... Oh, what the heck! Observatorielunden.
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Observatorielunden (map) 29 Nov 2007


Pia K said...

Beautiful and eerie at the same time.

That poor statue was blown up by some thugs years ago. Mm, was it some misguided protest against the Olympics nearly being held in Stockholm or not, I only have a very vague recollection of it. Someone who recall the event?

Deslilas said...

It was a long trip for a centaure to climb towards Sweden !
By the way,
I plan to change my URL for the blog Brienne la Vieille previously and move it to blogspot which has more possibilities I think.
For several weeks I'll send posts on the two blogs.
The new one was launched this morning with

Thanks for taking note of this modification.

Daniel Chérouvrier alias Deslilas

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