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M/S Stockholm

photo: Kenneth Blake
Strömma Kanalbolaget ship M/S Stockholm tied up at Strandvägen on a snowy November evening. The ship was built in 1931 by Oskarshamns Varv Ab and was originally sailing under the name S/S Öland. M/S Stockholm has been in service in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. The ship's full history can be found here (only in Swedish).


Per Stromsjo said...

Lovely shot, Kenneth. Look at those colours. Green from the tree, red from the traffic, wintry white and the Christmas lights. This photo has it all.

Peter Fristedt said...

I agree! The red from the bus gives the photo a special touch. I think perhaps this is all the snow we will have this year in Stockholm. Good thing we've got it documented. As Per said: Lovely shot.

Kakinan said...

Yes it is a lovely shot. The lightings adds on colour to the photo. Cool...

Alex's World! -

lena said...

The red in the photo makes me happy!

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