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strange Christmas tree

This is the "cookie-nose-tower" or Kaknästornet as it's really called. The first name is just to make fun of it in English (kaka=cookie, näsa=nose, torn=tower). Right now it's shrouded in christmas clothes. The tower is a communication central and the surroundings are littered with satellite dishes. A bit further up is a restaurant with different kinds of dishes. Both are enjoyable in their own way. It's 155m high (with the antenna on top, 170m), and would be considered rather small in comparison to others abroad.
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.Runt Kaknästornet finns det gott om parabolantenner i alla möjliga storlekar. De flesta av dem får våra vanliga hemmaparaboler att likna leksaker.
andra om stockholm parabol
Kaknästornet (map) 1 Dec 2007


Anonymous said...

very unique.


Alexander said...

The Christmas decorations are very nice.

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