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high in Högdalen

Wikipedia: "Högdalen is a working class suburban district in South Stockholm, built around the metro station with this name on line 19. It was connected to Stockholm City Centre in 1952, a year before the town planning was approved. The shopping centre was inaugurated in 1957."

Högdalen translates to High Valley according to The Local.


Per Stromsjo said...

The line numbers in our subway is an interesting topic. They don't exist. At least not officially. You can still catch a glimpse of them at those electronic displays. At one point in time the lines were partially renumbered to directly reflect the route of the train. If you only knew that Ropsten was "1" and Norsborg "3" then evidently line 13 would connect Ropsten and Norsborg. Of course, only us nerds learned the system (and we already knew where all the trains came and went and didn't need to be told) so the concept never really gained much attention and was never introduced in the rest of the network... ;)

Alexander said...

I like this shot very much. The sky is fantastic and the cyclist makes the viewer aware of the surroundings. Nice shot!

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