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hammarby lock (2)

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Nordtimber is a Swedish registered cargo ship with a length of 90 meters. I suppose it has floated with the greatest of ease through the Hammarby Lock many times before.
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Snacka om flyt. De här gossarna har gjort det förut.
andra om stockholm båt sluss

Hammarby Lock (map) 28 Oct 2007


Anonymous said...

More information about Nordtimber can be found by browsing the Internet after ISM code 7221469 or
MMSI number 265364000 or Call sign SIDP.

lena said...

Is it a dream or reality???

Anonymous said...

dream? No it is reality even ships has registration numbers end letters.

Per Stromsjo said...

It's not exactly the Flying Dutchman but I think Lena is right. After quite a bit of waiting (remember Christer's previous point about locking being boring) she got moving surprisingly quick and without much noise considering the forces involved.

Bernt Seipl said...

And leaving you with only your blue sky to look at ?

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