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christmas gift

Every Christmas the estate agent Erik Olsson gives away hundreds and hundreds of Christmas trees for free. This year the annual chaos took place on the 12th on a parking lot outside their main office. The green/white in the middle and on the lorry are trees and the people in red are staff.


lena said...

A nice person, did you get a tree?

Deslilas said...

If you want to see some very old pictures of Malmö and Stockholm I´ll post some stereo cards by Underwood on my blog in the next days. I´ve seen them in the home of the stepfather of my daughter in Skåne.

Peter Fristedt said...

Lena: I was, so to speak, entitled to a tree but I'm not much for this Christmas thing with trees and decorations. I like the idea though.

Deslilas: I wish I had the apparatus to see the stereo card of Malmö harbour properly. I like Malmö very much.

Thanks for commenting.

Pia K said...

I hadn't heard of this tradition before, but then again I'm no fan of *indoor-living* Xmas trees. A nice picture though!

Ann (MobayDP) said...

This is a very kind person to give away all those trees!

Anonymous said...

Free Christmas trees? That's a nice gift!


Meg in Nelson said...

This shot is so worth enlarging. I just get the giggles watching all the Santas rushing around like the elves.

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