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water week: hammarby sjö

Between the city and southern Stockholm is Lake Hammarby (here) with a modest average depth of four metres. New residential areas are being constructed by its shores. This is a busy water way so the new inhabitants have many boats to check out.

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water

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Under ytan lurar gamla föroreningar, meddelar Stockholm Vatten


Pia K said...

Lovely pic, nice light!

As far as I'm concerned four metres is waaay too deep for comfort, I like to know I can feel the bottom with my feet if I happen to be in the water - but that's just me, I have no plans in taking a dip there anyway and I suppose boats have a very different view on depths...:)

Z said...

Nice scene! Looks like a rather nice place to live -- would you live there if you had the chance? Is the building boom relatively new?

lena said...

This must be for me!
I like not feeling the bottom with my feet and four metres is even deeper than me ( I am 183 cm)

Ioanna said...

Beautiful photo, lovely lighting!

Per Stromsjo said...

We did a series last year from these new residential areas in case you feel like taking a closer look.

Thanks all for commenting. The light was magic that night.

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