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Prästgatan (the Priest Street, here) runs all the way through the Old Town and has remained unchanged since 1885. The name was first used in the 16th century and its history can be traced further back. Stockholm and Sweden has enjoyed peace for centuries and for this reason we've got more than our fair share of historical buildings. We would have had a lot more of those if there hadn't been a demolition spree in the 1960's when local politicians destroyed hundreds of buildings while trying to reshape most of the inner city.
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"Något av större intresse har mig veterligt aldrig utspelats där"
(Martin Stugart i DN om Prästgatan)


lena said...

I love this photo, the sun and the shadows. And I love Prästgatan, too.

Bucefalo said...

Please give me this information,has been the pigeon squashed to the foot? or is it still alive?

Bucefalo said...

Your ancient city and your photo is very nice.

Pia K said...

Nice pic.

Oh but the 1960ies reshaping gave us the wonderful building, the architectural masterpiece of Kulturhuset...;)

Peter F said...

Bucefalo: I'm happy to report that all pigeons are alive and well in Stockholm.

lena said...

I think some of them go to Italy, too. It is not so cold there in the winter. They like the sun, as Bernt.

HoodPhotography said...

Thanks for sharing this picture. Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo. I'd like to take a walk here. ;-)


Per Stromsjo said...

You'd love strolling down Prästgatan, Paz!

Thanks for correcting me, Pia. How in the world could I forget that landmark achievement Kulturhuset? ;)

I'm not sure where pigeons venture in the winter but they're here to stay (figuratively speaking).

Thanks for commenting. The Old Town has us all enchanted.

Deslilas said...

Always a fine spot for fine pic.

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