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over the rainbow

The towers of Kungsgatan (Kings st) after the rain. Somewhere out there is a pot of gold. Here's another day and another angle.


Per Stromsjo said...

It's not that hard to imagine Judy Garland at Kungsgatan. The most famous pictures from this street are from the 1940's anyhow.

Pia K said...

Nice shot! Love that rainbow.

Fredrik Ekblad said...

The pot of gold is to be found in Ystad ;)

Peter F said...

Fredrik: Another good reason to go south!

Meg in Nelson said...

Love the symmetry of the towers - were they built around the same time?

Peter F said...

Meg: Oh what things you (i.e. me) learn by this blogging thing!

The towers - "skyscrapers" - were completed in 1924 (north tower) and 1925 (south tower) and were the first of their kind in Europe. The north tower originally housed a top floor restaurant called the Blue Heaven.

The buildings had different architects but are very well co-ordinated. The towers have their own homepage (in English).

Thanks for asking!

Joy said...

Hey, great capture! Do you like rainbows?

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Have a great day!

Your Love Coach

Peter F said...

Thanks Joy! Rainbows are nice, but what I really like are the pots of gold lying around (in Ystad for instance).

Deslilas said...

Stockholm is a lovely town.

Waldo Oiseau said...

I'm a sucker for captures of rainbows. It seems like there were more of them when we were little kids!

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