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meta photo

You are looking at a photo of people who are looking at photos - that's what I call meta! The photo shows part of the daily Dagens Nyheter's exhibition in the shopping mall Gallerian.
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lena said...

Yes, very meta,and seen from above...
You seem to be everywhere in my city. When I see a man taking a photo I say to myself - it must be you!

Per Stromsjo said...

Dagens Nyheter has a well-earned reputation for employing some of the finest news photographers. The newspaper is frequently awarded for innovative editing, graphics and - last but not least - its photos.

Gwen said...

Photographing photography :)

Ioanna said...

Seems very interesting photos exhibition! Nice perspective!

Deslilas said...

Just like the advertiser for the cheese "La vache qui rit".

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