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in the swim of things

Night falls by the sports complex Eriksdalsbadet (here). Beside being the national swimming arena per se they also offer extensive gym facilities. This is the outdoor pool where nobody will be swimming until June next year. See more?
50 meters-bassängerna här är de enda i regionen - klent för en miljonstad


Meg in Nelson said...

The light in this pic is wonderful.

Peter F said...

In some strange way it reminds me of your Christmas post gläns över Johanneshov. This is (also) good photography!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. It looks magical.


Per Stromsjo said...

You're all right, the light was what caught my attention. Night-time zooming isn't on the top of the agenda for my compact camera but this turned out better than I had expected. You should have seen me balancing the camera on top of a fence and somehow trying to cover it from the strong wind.

The Christmas post Peter refers to is definitely a personal favourite among my own photos. If anyone ever thinks that something else I've done resembles that one - then I'm happy! :)

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