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the crematorium

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Some people prefer cremation as an alternative to traditional burial. Different cultures have very different views on cremation. Twentieth century history has given tragical examples of how cremation can be misused as part of genocide. In some places cremation is forbidden. In the US a man is serving a long prison sentence for failing to cremate hundreds of corpses.

These are the chimneys of the Woodland Crematorium
(here) in southern Stockholm. See more?
Kremering eller eldbegängelse är i Sverige vanligare än begravning


Pia K said...

In general I have no problems with cremation, however this picture for some odd reason is completely eery I think... *shiver*

Per Stromsjo said...

Which just goes to show that the camera can lie to us. There was absolutely nothing eery about the place. It's that low angle again and the chimneys look gigantic, which they aren't, it's just a matter of perspective. I was looking for backlit symmetry and what I got was... somewhat threatening maybe? Not intentionally but the mind wanders its own ways and - now that you mention it - I can see this too. Interesting.

Incidentally, I don't have any problems with cremation either.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting.


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