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chapel of faith

One of several chapels at the Woodland Cemetery (here). Its world-renown architect Gunnar Asplund was appropriately given grave #1 next to this Chapel of Faith. See more?
Asplund ritade också Stadsbiblioteket vid Sveavägen


lena said...

Per, will you go to the Woodland Cemetary tomorrow night? You will not be alone...

Per Stromsjo said...

Most likely not, Lena. I know many will. Hope you have a good All Saints' Day.

lena said...

Per, it is raining but I will go to another churchyard, in Kungsängen, to remember my father.
I like the candles in the dark Novembernight.
In Botkyrka, where I live, we have the saint St. Botvid, St.Getrud is for the German church in Gamla Stan, I do not know about Kungängen. I will ask somebody there tonight.
I often go to Amalfi in Italy and nearly every year celebrate St. Andreas.
I know many saints but I am not a catholic...
Have a good All Saints´Day yoy too.

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