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windows 2007

Kulturhuset is world-renowned for it's stunning beauty. Not. When you're done with the front and the inside you might want to venture to the opposite side of the building from 1974. Behold what you'd find behind this cultural center (here) (see more?)
Kultur är i bästa fall verkligen en kul tur. Arkitekturen kunde ju få hjälpa till lite.


don said...

per stromsjo. . .I'm it, and I'm tagging you. For more information on how to play, go to

Ming the Merciless said...

It looks like a warehouse to me.

Sometimes, minimalism and contemporary architecture can look stark and ugly.

To respond to your question, I don't know what speed I used. I just switched the camera to night mode so it can take photos at night except we were in the bar, of course.

KMF said...

nice post

Per Stromsjo said...

I remember when Kulturhuset was portrayed as breathtakingly modern and forward-looking. So what happened then? Time passed, I suppose. What is (and isn't) ugly is entirely subjective of course. Beside a great City Theatre there is a lot more going on in this building so we'll have to forget about its aesthetic aspects.

Thanks all for commenting.

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