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Or is it a day without sun? It's doing it's best to hide from us. Like here, taken from the station Karlberg, slightly north of the central station.
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.Solen börjar bli mer och mer osynlig nu för tiden. Just den här leker kurragömma lite extra.


photolicious said...

I hate the sun! Take it away from me anytime, man!

In Sillypore, once the sun rises and hits afternoon from 12pm to 5pm (year-round, no seasons here) you can be sure of scorching hot temperatures of above 33 degrees celcius.

Give me winter and snow, give me the chilling wind!

The Strange Republic

Bernt Seipl said...

You can have it any day, I don't need the winter :-)
I'd trade for the sun. I spent a month in Singapore a few years back, working. I had too few days free, I still hope to come back some day, on vacation. The problem with the sun (and sky) was that they weren't as blue and vivid as we are used to here in Sweden.

lena said...

Photolicius - winter and snow and the sun alltogether is the best.
You can ski and skate.

Stefan Jansson said...

Closing in on November!
Yo! I've tagged you! Now you're it!
Check my Wednesday post for to see what to do!

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