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St. Gertrude's Church (3)

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Are we constructing anything these days which will remain or at least be remembered 600 years from now? 200? 100? Let's pay tribute once in a while to those who did. Using the power of brains and muscles they raised the German Church, still standing.
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Joy said...

I love the shot - colour, lighting and angle.

Norwich Daily Photo

lena said...

It seems as they could something yesterday what we can not today. I agree with you, Per.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! In my city, there's a cathedral, which is still being built and renovated since the 1800s. It is called St. John the Divine but some of us call it St. John the Unfinished. ;-) You can see a pic here.


Anonymous said...

P.S. I like the name St. Gertrude.


Per Stromsjo said...

Once in a while there are those moments when you only have to release the camera into the sunlight and it does the work snapping its way all over the place. This was one of those occasions. Maybe just because I was on vacation and for a moment life was delightful. Or what do you think, Joy?

Lena: In fairness, I think builders have made tremendous progress in several areas. I imagine many, many people literally broke their backs and maybe lost their lives constructing this church. Today it's all fairly safe and machines do the dangerous work. Still, I don't think we would be able - and this is regardless of budget! - to reconstruct some of the great buildings on this planet. Well, just my 2c speculating.

Paz: Give my best to St. John the Unfinished... ;)

Thanks, all.

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