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shopping district

The roof of one of the entrance's to the well-known department store NK. I wonder why the pile of planks. The photo was taken from a multi storey car park.
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Fénix (Bostonscapes DP) said...

Surprising shot! What's that round thing? Water tank? Ventilation sys?

Per Stromsjo said...

Clearly a trend. We've seen this before when we viewed the City Library at Sveavägen and Östermalmshallen - in both cases from a slightly elevated position. The trend is - keep a proper front but forget about what's on top since nobody will ever see it...

Xana said...

I really like this photo!

photolicious said...

Great to see famous department stores in Sweden! What's the weather in your city like now? I'm sure it's invigoratingly cold!

The Strange Republic

lena said...

I think all of you have missed what it really is about, a big ship between two big houses. And perhaps the captain was drunk?
The weather in Stockholm -
no snow yet but a bit too cold to be nice. You can see beautiful autumncolours but no sun. I do keep inside today and wait for another sunny autumnday.

Peter F said...

Fénix: The round thing is perhaps a jacuzzi for the people piling planks?

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