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the royal guard

On the top of that hill stands the Royal guard at his little hut and the King and Queen are safe. Let's go a bit closer ...
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Xana said...

extraordinary photo! nice angle

photolicious said...

You mean this building is where the King and Queen of Sweden reside? Cool.

The Strange Republic

Peter F said...

Xana: Thank you! My first choice was the photo on Stockholm by Plenty, but I changed my mind "at the publishing moment".

Photolicious: No, this is where they work. Being a modern family the King and Queen moved out to the country when the children arrived. They live at Drottningholm palace just outside Stockholm.

Deslilas said...

I ask for more pics about Gamla Stan, such a lovely place. Summer nights were fabulous there in 1967.
"La Ronde" used to be a good french restaurang. I spent some hours looking after Bernadotte in this palace.

Per Stromsjo said...

Deslilas: Thanks for reminding us, the Old Town is truly unique and we do have more coming up so stay tuned.

Everyone, keep those wishes and suggestions coming!

Peter F said...

Deslilas: "Sextisju, sextisju! Var har du tagit vägen nu?" (67, 67! Where did you go?) as our rock poet Ulf Lundell sang in 1975.

Ming the Merciless said...

It's a lonely job. He has nobody to talk to or socialize with while at work.

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