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This - according to her sign - Estonian pensioner is frequently seen in summer Stockholm. Here at Drottninggatan, just off Sergels torg.


Anonymous said...

I would put money in her case for her. ;-)


Coltrane_lives said...

Support the musicians of the world.

Peter F said...

Paz: you haven't heard her play ;o)

Coltrane_lives: in general, yes, but sometimes the best support is to find them another job or hobby.

April said...

Sttreet musicians are often seen here in Cologne, too, but not of this age. Hope she gets a lot of money for her music.

Per Stromsjo said...

Many "musicians" choose to harass commuters into listening where there's no escape and where the best tactic might be to pay a dime just to get rid of them. That particular practice certainly won't get any support from me. Fortunately there are others, this lady included, who choose to place themselves where the rest of us can decide on whether to listen or move on. Many musicians in public places are astonishingly good.

Anonymous said...

That reminds me of a man who used to play on the subway. He would wait till the train doors closed, trapping the innocent commuters, and then he'd intentionally play very BADLY. He'd tell the commuters that he was from Mars and that he needed money to repair his space ship and buy gas... something silly like that. He told the commuters that if they wanted him to stop playing, they had to PAY HIM. Then he'd make awful music -- noise, actually -- with his instrument. Since the train was in motion and no one could get off, we were a captive audience. Someone would begrudingly give him money -- anything just to stop the noise. Once he got the money, he'd stop playing. Talk about harrassing commuters. I think an angry passenger may have once beat him up and tried to smash his saxaphone. He was that bad. Painfully bad. ;-)

But as mentioned above, thankfully there are also good musicians out there. There are two young men who used to play their instruments on the subway. For years, they struggled on the subway and today they are successful musicians, making CDs and giving concerts, flying all over the country and world. They say they're grateful for the training they received by playing on the subway.

Paz (who'd still give the nun in the photo some money)

lena said...

Paz! Thankyou for the story about the bad-playing man. :-).
It gave me some ideas abot disturbing classroomsituations - (I am a teacher...)

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Lena. Now I'm curious about your ideas for the classroom.

Paz ;-)

maria elisa said...

love your photo

Andrea Gerak said...

Hahaha! I could tell you stories about performing in the streets... :-))))

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