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mid-month theme: subway day

Here you have it. The Stockholm subway in a handy format. All the stations. Usually you would choose to have the pocket version, but this time I make the choice. You will have the BIG version. It's found in the Subway Central, the main junction where the three lines meet: the green, red and blue.

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Hela tunnelbanenätet i Stockholm i lagom stooort format så att även de som inte har falkögon kan se att läsa.


Meg in Nelson said...

How come subway maps look the same regardless of which country/city they are in?????

Bernt Seipl said...

Do they? I think the Stockholm one differs a little from the one in London for instance.Less spaghetti :-)

Have a go at the other cities where they have some kind of subway, courtesy of the London-site. worldwide

Ming the Merciless said...

I really like that the subway map in Stockholm is lighted up with little colored lights. It is so much easier to figure out what line to take.

Per Stromsjo said...

And for those who can't get enough I've picked some more subway favourites from around the world. Have a look if you will under the label "plenty of subways" on plenty.

Dsole said...

uhm... interesting one!
But what happens if you live in Akalla and you want to visit your friend who lives in Hjulsta? it's a looong distance between them by subway!!

Have a great week!!

Bernt Seipl said...

Dsole: About 45 minutes ride. First to Centralen and then back again. The bus between the two destinations takes 8 minutes. You choose ;-)

There are however destinations that take even longer, but in general you could get from one endpoint to another in a little more than an hour.

photolicious said...

Oh? The Stockholm subway system looks surprisingly simple! And I thought it would be as complicated as the one in London or Paris, but surprise, surprise! And wait till you see the one in Sillypore, it's far simpler because it's a tiny tiny country (just 42km by 24km).

The Strange Republic

Per Stromsjo said...

The Subway Central doesn't have to be involved, Bernt. From Akalla to Hjulsta you go via Västra Skogen.

Dsole has a good point. The lack of spaghetti reflects the idea that people always want to travel to and from the city center. Those with different needs are rather stuck. This has been argued over the decades and now we're finally beginning to establish a light rail system "tvärbanan" connecting these various lines.

Andrea Gerak said...

Yes, the Stockholm subway system is pretty simple. I just get confused by the fact that there is subway, "tvarbanan", and the other one (I don't even remeber the name right now, listening to music). For me there is no difference between these three, only the look...

And this time I didn't miss the mid-month theme: I have a subway picture in my Budapest blog :-)

Per Stromsjo said...

Way to go, Andrea! What better reason to celebrate could there be than subway day? ;)

From my limited experience, I'd agree that Stockholm is pretty simple. Have a look at this for comparison.

Deslilas said...

Fine "tunnelbana" in Stockholm.But you don't have our special warm smell we like so much in Paris metropolitain.
Remember Yves Montand in the "salaire de la peur" smelling a tube ticket "the salary of fear".

Peter F said...

Deslilas: Ah, yes, the warmth and special smell of the Paris underground! I remember it very well.

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