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making peace

Our armed forces are subject to continuous budget cut-backs. We like to think of ourselves as a peaceful nation and judging from this particular piece of equipment by the royal castle (here), that's probably a wise approach. We've got some peaceful art on display as well.
Den här hårdvaran borde kunna tilltala även den mest vapenfrie


Peter F said...

The Swedish comedian and ex army officer Micke Tornving once argued that an army that hadn't made any territorial gains in over 200 years wasn't worth keeping.

Ming the Merciless said...

Good to see the little art work at the end of the canon. It gives it a less threatening look.

Fredrik Ekblad said...

Nice angle, Per!
Peter: I totally agree with Micke Tornving. On the other hand, without an army, we'll be sitting ducks.

photolicious said...

Yes I agree Sweden is a peaceful and tranquil country...but it must have a skeleton army to defend itself too!

Have you visited The Strange Republic yet?

Per Stromsjo said...

Didn't know Tornving is an ex officer, Peter.

Ming(tm): I wouldn't find it all to threatening even without the colour plug. It's a favourite among tourists outside the castle.

Thanks, Fredrik. I was rather happy with that angle. Took a while to find it.

photolicious: I'm afraid you're right.

Thanks, all of you.

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