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iron sunrise

I've rushed by Brunkeberg Square (here) many times without paying attention to Gryning (Dawn) by Stefan Thorén. It took a vacation day and a bit of strolling in the September sun for me to notice this sculpture made of iron. Black iron and "gold". The sunlight is reflected by the various surfaces. Go see for yourself if you have the chance. Here's a detail, we'll see more later on.
Verket fanns länge på Medborgarplatsen men flyttades till Brunkebergs torg 2003


Joy said...

Interesting piece of art.

Norwich Daily Photo

lena said...

A very good photo.
I was there in August.

Per Stromsjo said...

Art is entirely subjective of course. I thought it could be fun to start with just a detail of the sculpture, we'll see more later on.

I guess Lena will agree that these particular streets are not on the top list for strolling through town, which just goes to show that there is more to discover by taking another route once in a while.

lena said...

Yes,Per,you are really right.
I bought a book at "Bok och bild" in Drottningggatan, (about 150 Sw.Crowns) a book about "strolling ", "Promenader längs Stockholms stränder". I have walked a few of the walks and I am suprised how much I have not seen in my city.

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