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iron sunrise (2)

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How can a large sculpture, mostly out of black iron, radiate so much light? The generous September sunlight explores and reflects all over Gryning (Dawn) by Stefan Thorén at Brunkebergstorg (here). The sculpture, originally installed at Medborgarplatsen in 1979, portrays our solar system in morning light. See more?
Med en bank på vardera sidan känns "guldet" helt rätt placerat


Anonymous said...

Very interesting.


Stefan said...

It could be a glittering prize, for a simple mind. It's the nice blue sky that gets my attention. I miss them.

Per Stromsjo said...

A glittering prize indeed for everyone walking by in the right kind of weather, whenever that happens.

I couldn't help thinking "Blue Peafowl" when I explored the sculpture. Art is magical, there's a special facet for everyone of us.

Thanks for commenting.

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