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exercise that fat

SOL Grillen - the SUN Grill - at Hornstulls strand serve very good wraps. The chicken with mango chutney is a personal favourite. But remember, if your diet is fast food, you should also exercise.


Per Stromsjo said...

With half the population exercising regularly and the other half concentrating on their fast food we're on average pretty active and with a reasonably balanced diet. Statistics is a wonderful science! ;)

lena said...

Did you know there were fast food to buy in Pompei? I have seen the stone-tables in which there are big holes for the food they sold.

Linda said...

My favorite is räksalads rulle, med korv och mos med.

photolicious said...

Seems the climate is still quite pleasant for the jogger to come out in t-shirt and shorts!

I'm just curious but is it possible to sweat if I go sightseeing in a city that's 10 degrees celsius? (Forgive me, I'm from the tropics so I have no idea!)

The Strange Republic

Per Stromsjo said...

Ten degrees, blue sky and a bit of sunshine won't make anyone sweat. Actually that's my favourite weather. However, if I'm in a hurry to my train carrying two heavy suitcases and walking upstairs - I'll definitely be sweating. So it all depends, I guess.

Peter F said...

Linda: It was only a few years ago I dared try mash and bangers with shrimps, and to my surprise it was very good. I haven't seen that one anywhere else in the world.

Photolicious: Greetings to Sillypore! If you find ten degrees cold you will put on a lot of clothing and then you'll sweat when the sun pops out. It's as simple as that. Myself I think 25 degrees and above is a good temperature. What's the weather like in your parts of the world?

photolicious said...

Hi Peter.

Sillypore has 3 seasons: Summer, summer and summer. Yes the country sits on the equator and is unbearably hot and humid.

I hate the weather here! It's hot, hot and hot!

Average daytime: 33 degrees celsius
Average nighttime: 25 degrees celsius

One word: horrible.

The Strange Republic

Peter F said...

Photolicious: So you should come here then: winter winter winter ;o)

I lived some years right on the equator in Africa, but on a high altitude so the weather was quite different from that of Sillypore. But we often enjoyed a trip down to sea level.

Ming the Merciless said...

I rarely eat fast food AND I don't exercise. So does that me I'm okay???

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