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street for a king (2)

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When an average king gets tired of Kungsgatan (the King's Street) he might take the stairs up to the crossing Malmskillnadsgatan. Well, he probably won't. Malmskillnadsgatan is a rather isolated street notorious for a history of prostitution.
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Den här trappan är betydligt häftigare i kvällsljus. Det är strängt taget det mesta.


Pia K said...

But he might be aiming for another street above the King's street, the street for the actual rulers of the kingdom, Regeringsgatan (Government's street) - perhaps he has a bit of a problem reading street signs...

lena said...

Too many steps for me.

Meg in Nelson said...

And what's a nice boy like you doing in a place like this in the middle of the day!!!

Pia K said...

*S*, Meg:)

Per Stromsjo said...

As long as the actual rulers can read, we're home free, Pia.

Lena: I didn't count the steps but there are several more underneath this view so you're right.

Meg: I'd want to catch these stairs at night, it's an interesting view. Regarding that particular trade I mentioned, most of it vanished (or moved, the experts still argue I guess) due to recent legislation.

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