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spirit of the wild

Take a chance to watch this photo-exhibition "Spirit of the wild" by Steve Bloom if you find yourself in the vicinity of Nybroplan. It's really worth it. Open till the 30th of September.
If you miss it you'll regret it.

.Gå och se den här utställningen vid Nybroplan. Helt underbara bilder och så lättillgängligt. Alldeles gratis dessutom. 30 september är sista dagen. Don't miss it.


Pia K said...

This is absolutely wonderful, and so is the book that's for sale in the tent there. Truly wonderful and heartbreaking.

Peter F said...

Can only agree. We were some ten people from work who took a long lunch to look at the exhibition. Everyone thought it was a hit. I think the best time to see the exhibition is in the evening when it's dark.

Meg in Nelson said...

These outdoor photo exhibits are fabulous, aren't they? It puts exhibitions back into the context of everyday life. I wonder if anyone would hold an outdoor exhibition of paintings one day.

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