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Enjoying a moment by the Green Cottage. With a bit of luck everything's included: your meal, some feathered friends for company and that lakeside view.
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Peter F said...

OK, one out of three in the photo (our meal - no, some feathered friends for company - no, that lakeside view- yes!). It seems a lovely place though. I have passed the place many times but never stopped.

lena said...

Where is the summer and all the people?

Per Stromsjo said...

Well, it was summer when we strolled down there but early in the morning which would account for the lack of meals and the missing people.

I've had lunch at Gröna Stugan on a couple of occasions. Maybe it's the kind of place where the environment is better than the catering. I've encountered a bunch of those during my current vacational trip.

Thanks for commenting.

lena said...

Aha, it was just early in the morning. Nice to stroll early!

Per Stromsjo said...

You're so right Lena. It's the best time of day really. Unfortunately I prefer sleeping so I seldom get the chance to enjoy it.

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